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Mystery picture

What's this picture? and why might I be interested in it? (It's not the whole picture, so I claim fair use - I don't know who the copyright holder is. And the clipped space hides a fairly vital clue). [UPDATE: … Continue reading

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the end of the beginning

I got a series of euphoric messages from fellow OA activists rejoicing at the news that Preseident Bush was "certain" to sign the House appropriations bill. I searched for the message in Peter Suber's blog and found ... Congress sends … Continue reading

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Java: labelled break considered harmful

Readers of my last post may have thought that Eclipse makes refactoring easy. It does - up to a point. I had started to refactor an 800-line module with deeply nested loops - just a matter of extracting the inner … Continue reading

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Refactoring large modules using Eclipse

I have recently had to consider refactoring a piece of Java which had got slightly out of hand - the module was 800 lines long and the if statements so deeply nested that they ran well off the right-hand edge … Continue reading

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Mystery Picture

Here is a photograph (untouched, not CGI). When I saw it I went wow! (I knew what it was). I'd be interested to know if anyone (a) KNOWS what it is of (b) can estimate the scale (c) has seen … Continue reading

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Open Data: publishers are the problem

The Chemspider site and blog have been making rapid and valuable progress towards Open Data. This is particularly laudable for a commercial site where Openness in chemistry is a long way from being a proven business model and is actively … Continue reading

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Open Notebook Science and Glueware

Cameron laments the difficulty of creating an Open Notebook system when there is a lot of data:   The problem with data‚Ķ Our laboratory blog system has been doing a reasonable job of handling protocols and simple pieces of analysis … Continue reading

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What sort of repositories do we want?

  I had the pleasure of meeting Greg Crane in Phoenix (see below) and last week at our brainstorm on how to fund digital curation. Greg is a remarkable person - a classicist who is compleetely at home creating computer … Continue reading

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Open Access Data, Open Data Commons PDDL and CCZero

This is great news. We now have a widely agreed protocol for Open Data, channeled through Science Commons but with great input for several sources including Talis, and the Open Knowledge Foundation. Here is the OKFN report (I also got … Continue reading

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Deepak Singh: Educating people about data ownership

Deepak Singh: Educating people about data ownership I never got to watch the Bubble 2.0 video (I only heard it on net@nite). Before I could get to see it, it got taken down. Wired talks about the reasons behind the … Continue reading

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