Well Done OA

Peter Suber’s latest post needs no comment:

Tonight the Senate passed the Labor-HHS appropriations bill containing the provision to mandate OA at the NIH.  More, the vote was a veto-proof 75-19.
  • Neither of the harmful Inhofe amendments was part of the final bill.
  • Yes, this is big, even if we cleared this hurdle only to face a Bush veto.
  • When the same language was adopted by the House (July 19, 2007), it only received 276 votes, when it needed 290 to be veto-proof.  Hence, it’s not at all clear that the full Congress will be able to override a Bush veto, something both sides know very well.  However, as we go into post-veto strategies, we’re much better off with this language having passed both houses than having passed only one.  More later.
But it does deserve a (CAUTIOUS) celebration. We’ll be at the Panton Arms as usual on Friday lunchtime – 1230.
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