Digital Curation 2006 in Glasgow – II

I’ve just got back from the meeting and will try to summarize some key points. It was an excellent meeting and I never got round to blogging it real-time, so some of this will be fragmented.
A lot of deja vu from Open Scholarship – another reception in the Hunterian Art Gallery and many overlapping membership. Filthy waether – although I lived in Scotland for 15 years I don’t think I’ve ever seen as dawn a dawn as yesterday – huge black clouds off the Clyde. However Glasgow is clearly a city that believes in itself – a very charming welcome from the Provost in the City Chambers. One very encouraging point – she made it clear that Glasgow positively welcomed asylum seekers – most Glaswegians could trace their ancestry back to immigrants.
Nice to see the conference had a blog. However – see below – I couldn’t get access and so couldn’t contribute. I’ll add some things later (or link to this blog).
Now… two points for all conference organizers but specifically for those in scholarship/eDocuments/eScience, etc. etc.

  • Please can we have wireless Internet?  This has been a problem in several recent meeting I have been to. More than one presenter wanted to be able to show live demos (I particularly wanted to see Multivalent which seems to be some tool which can translate bitstreams into semantics – obviously you have to do some work).
  • Why do the organizers mandate Powerpoint? Especially at a Digital Curation Conference? Normally I override this by taking my laptop. This doesn’t take extra time if it’s prepared beforehand. But I was in a 5-minute session and it wasn’t really fair to try to use HTML (what’s HTML?). So I leave you with my first Powerpoint slide (a pretty good hamburger):ppt1.png
  • I don’t understand it and the poor repository robots won’t either. So why are we curating this?

The next few posts will be sporadic. For those who don’t know England and Australia are playing for the Ashes. Cricket (yes, that’s what it is about) is sometimes a good background when nothing much is happening. However England have got off to a terrible start and it’s affected my concentration. So more tomorrow.

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  1. Chris says:

    Just looked up the cricket score, I don’t think things are going to get much better 🙁

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