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ACS Presentation III

The presentation – which was in the Cyberinfrastructure session – went well except for one tiny problem – no Internet though I asked for it the day before. Conference Centre in San Francisco – you might think it had default … Continue reading

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Hamburgers and Cows; The Cognitive Style of PDF

PDF is one of the greatest disasters in scientific publishing – why? I normally give my slides in XHTML rather than Powerpoint and prefix them with the quote which I made up: “Power corrupts; Powerpoint corrupts absolutely” I then searched … Continue reading

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A new Recruit to Open Source

We’ve got a new cybercollaborator! This is how things happen in the world of the Blue Obelisk… The exciting thing is that anyone – with hard, careful work and the respect of their peers can become a highly valuable – … Continue reading

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The Blue Obelisk

I’ve promised to write about the Blue Obelisk and I’ve only got a short time before cycling home but at least I need to point to this before the ACS meeting. Chemoinformatics and much chemical computation is seriously broken. The … Continue reading

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ACS Presentation – Part II

The first part of my presentation dealt with the technical issues surrounding semantic chemistry. This page contains predictions – they are general enough that you don’t have to be a chemist to appreciate them. I’ll probably try to cover some … Continue reading

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ACS presentation Part I

Edward Tufte said in his recent book that one shouldn’t use Powerpoint to present information, but Word. Although I am not a fan of Word (see later posts) I agree with the message. So this is the first part of … Continue reading

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Blog as presentation

Any of you on the chemoinformatics circuit knows Wendy Warr – present all at meetings – knows everybody and is tireless in communicating news to the community – formally and informally. She has also been the highly respected and tireless … Continue reading

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Mashups and CB2

There’s a regular monthly meeting in Cambridge on Thursdays in the Internet cafe called CB2. Organised with enormous energy by Rufus Pollock – see the Open Knowledge Foundation link. Mostly geeks, we have a common theme of wanting to liberate … Continue reading

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Open Source, Open Data and the science commons

In this post I content that the chemical information cycle is broken – to the detriment of the chemical and general commons. I’ll explain what that means. Robert Terry, Wellcome Trust, is widely know for his advocacy of Open Access. … Continue reading

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Open Data, Open Science. Closed Data…

(I have been fighting the blogging software – on several occasions it has published a blank post. So please excuse these bits of the “learning curve”. I shall now write my posts in an editor and paste them. This is … Continue reading

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