ACS Presentation III

The presentation – which was in the Cyberinfrastructure session – went well except for one tiny problem – no Internet though I asked for it the day before. Conference Centre in San Francisco – you might think it had default wireless – but no, certainly not in our area.
Some slight movement in some areas but on the whole I sense a major split between (a) pharma + software companies + commercial data bases (CAS, CCDC, etc.) and (b) the next generation of technology and social computing. I was pleased to see that – in a show of hands – ca 35-40% said they had read this blog – even though it’s only 10 days old.
Off to Google on Wed, hopefully with Steve Heller – co-inventor of InChI. Google + InChI has real potential as a disruptive technology…
Do you think Google will have connections to the Internet? Perhaps I should check.
Many thanks to all the Cambridge hackers and the Blue Obelisk group for their help in the demo. It all went well and there is lots of interest in all the technology. Several people are starying to mention Blue Obelisk – it’s a happy choice of name.

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