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From Peter Suber  More on the NIH OA mandate. Many points but I pick one:   Jocelyn Kaiser, Uncle Sam’s Biomedical Archive Wants Your Papers, Science Magazine, January 18, 2008 (accessible only to subscribers).  Excerpt: If you have a grant … Continue reading

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What does USD 29 billion buy? and what's its value?

Like many others I’d like to thank the The Alliance for Taxpayer Access … … a coalition of patient, academic, research, and publishing organizations that supports open public access to the results of federally funded research. The Alliance was formed … Continue reading

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Why the NIH bill does not require copyright violation

  Rich Apodaca is a founder member of the BlueObelisk – which advocates ODOSOS – Open Data, Open Source and Open Standards (mainly in chemistry). Rich has made major contributions in this area and adds valuable insights on his Depth-First … Continue reading

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