XTech2007 and Open Data

I had got lazy about tagging my posts until Brian Kelly gently reporoached me for not adding “WWW2007” as a tag. The point is that Technorati and other engines index the tags and you can search on them. (What, you didn’t know THAT? Well, not really). So now I do. And if you look at http://www.technorati.com/ and search for “www2007” in “tags” you’ll find many posts (and many photographs).
So I’m now going to add “xtech2007” to my tags. Is this the right tag? Don’t know – but the community will converge on something. and:
shows that there are already 14 posts and that Paul Miller – who ran our Open Data session – will also be there. (Well I knew that, but there are others I don’t).
So there is the Open data track – quite diverse – and I get the impression this will be as exciting ast WWW2007. The world is changing as we look at it.

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  1. Paul Miller says:

    See you in Paris, Peter! 🙂

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