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Maxine is presenting Nature’s practice and philosophy on data. (Hope I capture this OK – there is a lot or material) In the early 1990’s they introduced Supplementary Info (SI). 2007 they have fully integrated online methods. SI is largely Free access and unedited.
All policies are common.
Authors should retain all original data and analyses.
Central website for Nature’s policies – includes “availability of data and materials”, with reasons for the policies
[BIND – bioscience databases – has been sold to an informatics startup – shows problems of trying to keep data Open]
data submission for large datasets
finding relevant experts
image manipulation
post publication
access to data and analysis
timely editorial responses
incentivize data sharing
institutions must be more involved
And in questions Maxine suggests a liberal approach to images.
[Nature chemistry is coming next year, so that could be very exciting].
And … for readers who read this blog for the human interest Maxine and I are on very good terms…

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