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The Pauling Blog

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Impact Factors! Hirsch, Erdős and Pauling

Having spent 2 hours tidying CML Schema over a flaky CVS connection to sourceforge, I need some relaxation. So, after my disillusionment with the accuracy of citation metrics, I was spooking around Wikipedia and came across the h-index ( suggested … Continue reading

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Webcast: the power of the eThesis

I am very grateful to Caltech, specially Eric van der Velde, for organising and recording my presentation on eTheses at Caltech last month. See The power of the Scientific eThesis, a combined audio, video and screenshow. Caltech have done a … Continue reading

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caltech: (talk on) the power of the scientific e-thesis

Many thanks to Eric Van de Velde and colleagues for inviting me to Caltech to give a talk on the scientific e-thesis. Besides being excited about going to Caltech, I am delighted that they wished to record the presentation. (I … Continue reading

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scifoo: immediate impressions

Like many other bloggers I’m contributing my impressions. (technorati aggregates all blogs which contain the tag – or even the word – “scifoo”). There will be so much to read that I don’t need to add detail. The format is … Continue reading

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