Wiley's "Free to read" actually means "pay 35 USD"

I got the above unwanted Twitter from Wiley (I have checked as far as possible that it’s genuine). It seems to be Wiley advertising a free to read article. I have pasted the message so you can try this at home:
Progress in #nanotechnology within the last several decades review from @unifr is #freetoread! http://ow.ly/FXDFQ
I check the poster https://twitter.com/ChemEurJ/status/544832871564050432/photo/1 and it seems to be a genuine site. So off I go to get my free copy (sorry, my free set of photons for sighted readers)…
I click the “View Full Article (HTML)” and get…
So Wiley equate “35 USD” with “free to read”.
I don’t.
I’m sure it’s a BUMP-ON-THE-ROAD (Elsevier excuse).
But this is the independent fourth publisher foul-up I have got in the last four days. We pay them 20 Billion USD and they can’t get it right.

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3 Responses to Wiley's "Free to read" actually means "pay 35 USD"

  1. Lizard Roy says:

    Hell yeah.
    Same for me too, mate. I found so many links about latest research on some prehistoric taxa (cat tribe families like Nimravidae, Barbourofelids etc) and every time I cringe my teeth when I see that I can only read the “abstract” of the whole article and not the article itself.
    And guess what! They are all at least 6 years old articles! Little scroungy bestards!

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