STOP TTIP in Cambridge; Great presentation by John Hilary

[AMI and Brenda]
We had a very well attended (full Unitarian Church) of Cambridge people wishing to hear about TTIP (“Tee-tip”) the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnershipl. I have been very very worried about this for some time, informed at regular intervals by G;yn Moody’s blog and other outlets.
TTIP is awful. I learnt a new word “neo-liberalism” : (   Robert W. McChesney defines neoliberalism as “capitalism with the gloves off” ). The idea is to release all constraints in multinational trade (and thereby multinational corporations who will then generate untold wealth…
for them, not us);
The thing that most concerns me is ISDS ,  This allows multinationals to sue governments if they don’t like what they do, and the odds are heavily weighted in favour of companies.
And the negotiations are in secret. 
I am not a historian but TTIP/ISDS seems as catastrophic as the Highland Clearances. where the whole  population and ecology of half of Scotland was destroyed by foreign greed.
The modern problem is worse, because it’s invisible. Governments support neo-liberalism, but it will destroy public services, such as the NHS in UK, and it seems irreversible. It has to be stopped now.
1 MILLION Europeans have signed a petition aganist TTIP. The commission has said it will ignore this (European Citizens Initiative). They won’t be able to ignore us on the streets.
Go along to hear John when he next speaks. it will be worth it.
And, if you are lucky, you’l get swag like AMI and Brenda.

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