How contentmine will extract millions of species

We are now  describing our workflow from extracting facts from the scientific literature on . Yesterday Ross Mounce and I hacked through what was necessary to extract species from PLoSone. Here’s the workflow we came up with:

Ross has described it in detail at and you should read that for the details. The key points are:

  • This is an open project. You can join in; be aware it’s alpha in places. There’s a discussion list at!forum/contentmine-community . Its style and content will be determined by what you post!
  • We are soft-launching it. You’ll wake up one day and find that it’s got critical mass of people and content (e.g. species). No fanfare and no vapourware.
  • It’s fluid. The diagram above is our best guess today. It will change. I mentioned in the previous post that we are working with WikiData for part of “where it’s going to be put”. If you have ideas please let us know.


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