Can #animalgarden Felix and AMI index Lucy’s repo? YES!

Can Felix and AMI index Lucy’s repo? YES!


At UKSG (which I’ll blog later) I talked about repositories and said that without indexing they were of little value. So #animalgarden were excited to get a tweet from
Lucy Ayre @lastic

#uksglive hard not to get excited by Peter talking about content mining. Turning PDFs into CSV/XML files. Index my IR Peter!

Lucy is from LSE. Professor Felix Q Potuit is also from LSE. He’s trying to index #animalgarden repository:
He’s asked AMI to do the electronic material:
So Felix and AMI would love to help Lucy. What does PMR think?
PMR thinks it’s a great idea! We could have a hack day or two. Let’s get in everyone who might be excited (not just from LSE, but everywhere – Birkbeck, OKFN, and London hackers and Brit Lib, and Cottage Labs, and booklovers and …). Buy them lunch and provide wifi.
And let them loose and see what they can do.
Yes – we have the prototypic technology to read the contents of repositories. We can turn PDFs and DOC into XHTML. We can extract facts , which can be used for research, or indexing.
#animalgarden look forward to hearing from Lucy!

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