@Jay_Naidoo @Okcon "use the tool that you have to fight for justice and ethics"

Listening to @Jay_Naidoo’s plenary on Wednesday at #okcon I had a revelation.
What matters is Justice.
Jay’s twitter describes him as  Chairman of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition(GAIN), former Minister in Mandela Cabinet, founding GS of COSATU and political and social activist. Jay gave  us 30 minutes of breathtaking passion about what we must do for the world. I tweeted it and have recaptured my tweets (below).  Jay urged us to action – at the end Andrew Stott (chair) asked
“what is most import thing for us to do in the next week?”
Jay:   “use the tool that YOU have to bring justice and ethics”
That has changed the rest of my life. The key word is JUSTICE. That’s what the OKF is about. That’s what my software is about. That’s what this blog is about. And it was the theme running through the whole of #okcon. We develop tools (blogs, protocols, Python, Java, CKAN, Open Spending, Panton Principles, etc.) to make the world a just society.
Jay articulated Nelson Mandela’s passion on stage – it was as if it was Mandela speaking. If you were not at the session is is the must-watch 30 minutes of #okcon – and watch it all.
Here are my tweets from Jay – the order doesn’t matter. Read them and then go out and fight for justice.
when you are poor the only food is junk food.
“one person one vote” => “one person one gigabyte” (of information)
we can now hold leaders to account. Citizenry must be informed and make power accountable
“we have liberated ourselves from the chains of secrecy”. Where is the money for the library and toilets?
when people know the truth and their rights they become unstoppable. Everyone of us is a journalist and whistleblower
give us (digital) tools for accountability.
SA has second most transparent budget in world. We have to make it understandable. Create a revolution
can we translate understanding of budget into local funding to deliver schools, etc.
SA delivered a political miracle .
old generation cannot tell young what they should do but must support them.
Andrew Stott asks  how do we make this happen.  we must give young people a voice . innovation to deliver a better society
Have to defeat language of denialism . We must be advocates of building society where we care about what happens to planet
money that belongs to our people (in S A) is stolen. Governance should be brought to ordinary people through Open Data
We must bring back ethics and accountability
How do we make our democracy work. How create livelihoods. S Africa now lags behind Kenya.
[telcoms in Africa]. Must design this (from bankrupt beginnings) to provide justice
technology has led to death of geography but not death of injustice
Live a life of truth. Undiluted truth. Then you will challenge injustice wherever it stands
how to we bring compassion into the cold steel of technology. Our technology is built from blood spilt in the Congo
[recalls Mandela] – “fighting poverty is not an act of charity, it is an act of justice”.
stand up and do something
Build a tsunami of hope and accountability – your job is to be accountable and serve society
“Overflowing of positive energy that makes us want to be better people”
tackle global malnutrition. Billion people will go to bed today without food
we have brought the world to its knees. What could we have done with the wasted financial millions. The problem remains
You must be brave like Steve Biko. Nothing to lose but your chains.

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