#rds2013: Managing Research Data: What I said

This is a list of tweets from my talk. It’s a very good summary – thanks everyone. I have removed duplicates so that each tweet is a separate topic. They aren’t in true order of my presentation or in time. I’ve removed tweeters comments and also most of the tags (e.g. no #rds2013). In some cases this is a retweet so the original tweeter is removed (sorry). Most are either direct or indirect PMR speech.



Wikipedia best knowledge development of 21st century. @AfrolatinProjec

When [Wikipedia] opened, acad[emia] scoffed but [PMR] said “I believe in Wikipedia, the bits I wrote are right.” @anitawaard

Need proper structure & communities for data. We are building walled gardens ie FB. Public governance that is believable needed @jvinopal

“The challenge is whether @figshare can be not a walled garden” – have public governance @rmounce

[PMR] celebrates this excellent youtube video [NYU HSL on lost data]. Applause for its creators http://t.co/GAIq7StTK6 #opendata @DataAtCU

Data gets lost for lack of proper social structure @planarrowspace

Young people aren’t accepting what we have given them and are changing the world. If you aren’t with them, you’ll be left behind @gailst

[PMR] adapts Ranganathan’s principles for data (“data is for use,” more). Consider applying Ranganathan’s 5 laws http://t.co/fKM6RZUJlF @moncia

Encouraging us to read Aaron Schwartz’s guerrilla manifesto // find it here: http://t.co/VdM3jOS2gC @rmounce

[PMR] sure that Ranganathan would agree “Data belongs to the world.” #sixthlaw @yasmeen_azadi

[PMR] gives a shout out to @McDawg ‘s recent post on Open Access here: http://t.co/4vNHRawZE2 @rmounce

[PMR] Cites the excellent work of @jackandraka – this wouldn’t have been possible w/o #openaccess @mew687

The lack of access to scholarly information means people die @rmounce

Access to public knowledge is a *fundamental* human right @lwillm

Journalists, doctors, everyday citizens like #opendata Science should also provide this @moncia

Global Knowledge Commons needed @carolynthelib

“values matter, the community; technology and protocols then follow” @jvinopal

Publishers in Europe trying to limit text mining initiatives #openaccess @jvinopal

AMI is about taking the literature into semantic form…if the publishers and their lawyers will let it happen. @elotroalex

Open Research Data Handbook http://t.co/IPWeETNvVr. @AndyDrewCreamer

We [scientists] have to work for the benefit of humanity. Please work with us, join us @jvinopal

Will be legal to text mine scientific articles in the UK soon. @ResearchAtCU

Current Problems in Managing Research Data. If we want to do it, we will solve them http://t.co/JW5fzi6JFI @jvinopal

in the UK the Hargreaves Report copyright reforms will be implemented so it will be legal to mine papers 🙂 @greentea166

The only major barrier to getting data out of papers in LEGAL – the lawyers. We have the tools e.g. #AMI2 @ResearchAtCU

[PMR] salute to Wikipedia, Open Street Map…not worried about impact factor @DataAtCU

Target Research data management training at graduate students @anitawaard

[PMR] shoutouts for PhD students @rmounce & @StilettoFiend , @OKFN Panton Fellows for #openscience @lisarnorberg

[PMR] give shoutout to linkedopendata @rmounce

Blue Obelisk open source community for chemistry providing open data & tools, costs just $20 p/a to run @rrkennison

[CrystalEye tool live demo!] Fantastic tool that demonstrates the utility of #opendata @moncia

[PMR] gives examples of open data sharing: http://t.co/JnRU3zg9pq, http://t.co/KVpMC6m8y9 (code hosting). @Wilderbach

We must build or make tools, not buy or rent them @planarrowspace

[paraphrase PMR] a repository should provide benefits to the data originator, it’s like a bee and a flower – symbiosis @robincamille

We the community must BUILD, not buy/rent, our tools. @yasmeen_azadi

[PMR] “I made a video. If you’re bored you can watch it…It will break your heart”:. [You can find it on his blog.] @anitawaard

[PMR] shoutout to https://t.co/QoIsFXzr7h @ashleyrjester

I put my software openly on bitbucket not because I’m mandated to but because it’s helpful, better than repos @rmounce

To help humanity we scientists need to release the grip on our data and let people USE IT! @kcrews

[PMR] singing the praises of #Wikipedia. @DataAtCU

Examples of #opendata success: Wikipedia, Open Street Map (not worried about impact factor) @rmounce

[PMR] Cites OpenStreetMap as an excellent example of excellence that doesnt need cash, just willpower @ResearchAtCU


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