Chuff wants to meet a kiwi (PMR Update)

I've just arrived in Auckland (first time in NZ) to attend Open Research ( and tomorrow Kiwi Foo. I'll have more time tomorrow to blog.

Open Research is a really important meeting (I caught the last 10 minutes!) and is forging principles and practice. They've been hacking for 2 days so hard that there is visible fatigue today! But tomorrow we are going to pull it together. I shall take a back seat and help out if needed.

Then to Kiwi Foo in Warkworth ( ).

Kiwi Foo Camp 2013

Kiwi Foo Camp is a private gathering of around 150 people from New Zealand, Australia, and the world. Invitees are doing interesting work in fields such as neuroscience, Internet applications, psychology, open source programming, art, business, physics, politics, and all manner of interesting science and technology. They network, share their works in progress, show off the latest tech toys and hardware hacks, and find new partners for collaboration.

I am privileged – it's a great melting pot. We come with lots of ideas and a spirit of humility and excitement. We don't know what will happen (other than we won't have time to talk to more than a fraction of the people there and that we shall be exhausted by the end.

Chuff is going. S/he wants to meet a kiwi.


And the impetus from Materials Science in Melbourne is still blowing my mind.

Also, on 27 Feb (2013-02-27) I'm giving an invited plenary lecture at Columbia: (hashtag #rds2013)

The Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, Columbia University Libraries/Information Services, Columbia's Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering, and Elsevier are pleased to announce the Research Data Symposium, an event to lead discussion on topics related to managing and curating research data and a variety of research outputs. The Symposium will be free, open to everyone, and held at Columbia's Faculty House on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

The Symposium will offer speaker panels that address the different stages of the research data life cycle. Representatives from Columbia University faculty, learned societies, research institutions, funders, and publishers will come together to examine the implementation stages, available technologies and associated challenges and barriers for managing, preserving and accessing research data. Attendees will leave armed with valuable information to engage their respective organizational stakeholders and initiate and continue long-term research and data management efforts.

It's a crowded programme and I've got 15 mins to kick it off. There is a lot I want to say. So my current plan is to come up with about 1 key point a minute. By itself that would be overload. So I'm going to blog at least some of them in detail *before* the meeting.

I am going to argue that there must be drastic change – in academia, in libraries, in scholpub. We are all considerably behind what the rest of the world is doing.

I might upset a few people. The blog gives a chance to iron out misunderstandings before the presentation.

Then afterwards I go to Kitware. But they deserve a separate blogpost.

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