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Is the Royal Society of Chemistry really cheaper than ACS? RSC charge 50 USD PER STUDENT PER PAGE for teaching materials

There has been considerable debate about the charges of ACS journals and SUNY has made headlines in “Walking away from the American Chemical Society” where they intend to cancel subscriptions to the ACS and use Royal Society Of Chemistry … Continue reading

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#ami2 #opencontentmining: AMI releases AMI2-PDF2SVG. Please have a go.

AMI and Friends (Murray Jensen, PMR) have made good progress with the first part of their 3-part Quest. PDF2SVG is now at continual-beta. The framework is in place, moderately exercised and “tested”. (It’s actually quite difficult to build tests for … Continue reading

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Royal Society of Chemistry will charge students for re-using “Gold Open Access” articles

I have been trying to find “Open Access” articles published in Royal Society of Chemistry journals. It’s very difficult – Google doesn’t help – and I’ve scanned about 200 abstracts without finding one. Then I happened on (I’ll reproduce … Continue reading

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#ami2 #opencontentmining; Introducing AMI, and introducing AMI to publisher’s PDFs

I’ve been to central Melbourne (Central Business District, CBD) for the last two days. To hack. But the first visit was to to find AMI. (AMI2 is the scientifically intelligent program amanuensis we are building and AMI will give … Continue reading

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#ami2 #opencontentmining. PDF2SVG: AMI comments on her experience of the digital printing industry and STM Publishers

AMI2 is our new intelligent amanuensis for reading and understanding the Scientific Technical Medical literature. AMI is OURS – not mine – she is completely Open and you can take part. YOU DON’T HAVE TO KNOW COMPUTING TO HELP. AMI’s … Continue reading

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