#okfest is and will be amazing

I am at #okfest in Helsinki – 13 (THIRTEEN) separate tracks on Openness. I am already gutted that I shall miss most of them because they are in parallel. I’m helping run Open
Research and Education and obviously that will be much of my time. (BTW we are full up so I won’t urge you to come, sorry).

As an example the OKF is running all the conference management itself. Name labels? Make them! Here’s Massimo – a doctoral student in the media lab in Aalto and he’s running the lab’s laser printer to make the labels from plywood. The laser printer is on the left:


And here is what he creates:

(This one is acrylic, you can see the label is for a “CREW” member. My job (I think) is to help punch out the little chads in the middle.

Chuff the OKAPI has already been tweeted and a comment (I think) from IBM that it should be a RESTful API. So here’s the restful Chuff:


The humans are:

  • Joris Pekel (Open heritage GPP / Amsterdam
  • Juha Huuskonen (OKFestival coordinator / Helsinki)
  • Kat Braybrooke (OKFestival coordinatory / London)

It’s just so exciting to be at a meeting where people discuss how to share and change the world. I’ve met Stuart who runs an Open laser workshop in Leeds and works with DaveMR (Mo-seph) and Matt Venn.


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