A pictorial Amusement

I dropped in to see our computer officers today – they’ve just had an aircon failure and I was offering sympathy – they have a lot to deal with. While there I noticed this splendid spanner (== wrench/US). I love tools and this one has a majesty of its own in a computer office. It’s about 40 cm long (see ruler) and we guess it’s about 2 kilos.

I naturally assumed it was for something like bolting units to the floor or something like that, but that’s not why it was ordered. The reason is gently amusing – perhaps you can make some guesses).

Meanwhile tomorrow I’ll be blogging about text-mining. I’ve been hacking code furiously over the last 5 days and feeling it. There is a lot I need to write about but textmining is the priority.


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2 Responses to A pictorial Amusement

  1. Mike Oldfield says:

    Is it used to draw straight lines when the ruler isn’t long enough?

    • pm286 says:

      Thanks Mike,
      Sorry for the delay – the site has been up/down.
      Good suggestion. The actual reason was it was bought to undo the nuts on disk drives. The story is that a 40 mm spanner/wrench was ordered and a 40 cm one arrived.

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