ACS Fall meeting Skolnik Symposium “Molecular Science and the Semantic Web”: Invitation to submit abstracts

As recipients of the Skolnik award Henry Rzepa and I are organizing the symposium at the ACS Fall meeting in Philadelphia (Aug 19-23). Depending on how many abstracts we receive this will last between 1 and 3 days, most likely 1.5-2. The theme of our symposium is

“Molecular Science and the Semantic Web”

Many readers will already be aware of the symposium and we have already received some abstracts (deadline March 25, i.e. this week and it is strict). However some may have held back as some symposia in the past have been invitation-only. This is not the case here – anyone may submit an abstract and Henry and I will be the primary judges of their suitability. The abstracts should address the title above and should ideally have a strong basis in modern Semantic Web thinking and practice (for example “Web 3.0” but not limited to that). Abstracts are short (150 words) and all abstracts are indexed by Chemical Abstracts and some other indexing agencies

The “Semantic Web” theme honours the ideas of TimBL and can cover things like tools, linked open data, and Open communities. We are aware that some disciplines may be ahead of chemical practice in the Semantic Web. A small number of presentations might be from “outside chemistry” if the authors can convince us that their work can have a direct bearing on future progress in chemistry.

Product placements of tools and data are unlikely to be acceptable.

A very small number of presentations may be remote (with Henry or me managing the real-time process). These are completely at our discretion and likely to be limited to people we know and we can guarantee will provide compelling input.

Please note that the ACS does not provide expenses for speakers.

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