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Elsevier, Nature and Content-mining – yet another Digital Land Grab – wake up academia and fight. Or surrender for ever

I have just discovered Elsevier’s content mining document. For those who don’t know I have been trying to get permission to text-mine Elsevier content for two years and have been treated as a second-class citizen and ultimately come away with … Continue reading

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Open Access and Eric Raymond

This blog has been tackling the problem of Open Access, what it’s vision is and how to get a coherent movement. I’ve been excited to get a comment from Eric Raymond ( ). Eric (whom I shared a platform with … Continue reading

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Update: Open Access, SemanticPhysicalScience, Open Bibliography and #animalgarden in the snow

I’ve been off air for a bit as my hard disk crashed – it emitted messages (“Your disk is about to crash”, then “Ctrl-Alt-Del to access dying disk”, then – the “rest is silence”). Since I live my life in … Continue reading

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