Update: Open Access, SemanticPhysicalScience, Open Bibliography and #animalgarden in the snow

I’ve been off air for a bit as

  • my hard disk crashed – it emitted messages (“Your disk is about to crash”, then “Ctrl-Alt-Del to access dying disk”, then – the “rest is silence”). Since I live my life in the open I can access most of what I need – about the only thing lost was the originals of the videos .
  • the UCC server (wwmm) has been down for 2 days
  • #animalgarden were going to make a video about bibliography but they got distracted (see below)


  1. Charlotte Bolton and I have been pulling together the outputs of the #semphyssci meeting. We have planned that about 13-17 articles will come out of it and be published in J.Cheminform. Open Access costs money and we’re grateful to EPSRC/PathwaysToImpact for funding. Unlike last year (http://www.jcheminf.com/series/semantic_mol_future) more of the articles come from outside our group so it won’t be as hairy. We’ve posted all the videos and I will start blogging the content soon.

  1. Open bibliography has been zooming ahead. We have an increasing number of pots of BibSoup. Every week Adrian Pohl tells us of libraries who have released Open bibliographic data. The Bibserver software is becoming very easy to deploy and very useful. The animals were hoping to make a video but they got distracted telling Gulliver about snow:

  1. Open Access. There’s a critical mass of people who care about BOAI-compliant access and making that formal – and exciting. Doing rather than talking. See http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/open-access . We’ve come up with a clear and exciting position. If you want to return to the roots of BOAI this is the pace. Everyone is, of course, welcome


More detailed stuff in separate posts

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