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I am snowed under with things that I have to do and want to do. I therefore cannot give as much attention to others, so I will comment briefly on them below

My main focus now is on these areas (all of which require several blog posts)

So some others which I would normally devote whole posts to:

  • Congratulations to Alma Swan on her appointment of Director of Open Advocacy ( ). I have had the privilege to work with Alma for several years and can testify to her single-minded commitment to Open Access. She has made a major contribution in adding unchallengeable metrics that show that Open Access increases the value of scholarships through, for example, increased citations. I quote Alma: “I’m delighted to be taking on this new role,” said Swan, “Policymakers are increasingly interested in hearing the arguments. Presenting the evidence-based case to them will help to bring about the policy developments we all want to see.”

    Alma also created a very beautiful calligraphic calendar of Open Access – something that still brings inspiration when I look at it.

  • Springer announces change for its author-paid hybrid Open Access from CC-NC to CC-BY. I am VERY pleased by this and congratulate Springer. (I knew about this earlier when I wrote to Springer and agreed to abide by the embargo). This brings Springer’s hybrid model (Open Choice) into line with its Open Access offerings (all of which use CC-BY). Very few publishers use CC-BY, but Springer is showing the lead from the major publishers and there is every reason why the others should follow.


    CC-BY allows text-and-data mining and represents the full value that one can get from OA.


  • Richard Poynder for his frequent and very objective blogging of the current state of Open Access – see with a very comprensive daily list of those who have distanced themselves from the Research Works Act, H.R.3699

Expect a daily post on Semantic Physical Science (may depend on my weekly Vimeo quota) although Charlotte is also mounting them at , the excellent Cambridge streaming video site. And expect slightly lower frequency for Open Biblio, and Panton discussions.


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