Semantic Physical Science: the movie (includes scenes of a political nature)


I am editing the video material from our Semantic Physical Science symposium, and the first is my introduction (, ca 10 mins). This is partly because it’s short (so less technical hassle – though more editing) and partly because I can give myself permission, while I am still waiting for other speakers to give the OK. [All talks WILL be mounted, and all will be Open Knowledge Definition compliant (CC-BY 3.0, Creative Commons Attribution). This means that anyone can do anything with them, including cutting snippets and re-using them. Even (especially) for political purposes.] Here M.I.T.-bear strikes a blow for freedom (about 8 mins into the video)

NOTE: There are a few frame drops, interestingly on the titles. Maybe a more consistent background will help. (You haven’t missed anything)

My video is complex because it contains

  • Hello Participants and Hello World
  • The purpose of the symposium – to hand over 15 years of work to the world scientific community in an Open Manner
  • Tribute to my colleagues and funders
  • Context of semantic science
  • Political barriers to be overcome (ca 8:00 mins into video). Here M.I.T-bear strikes a blow for freedom against RWA/HR3699. Also PMR expresses his views on the proposed legislation.

Here are some of the links I mention – it’s easier to follow them here

and here is the programme. I am intending we post all of these, but it’s a lot of time experimenting with video conversion.


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