JISC/OKFN/SWAT4LS Hackathon: Bibsoup and disease video

This weeks’ hackathon showed how much could be accomplished in a (short) day-and-a-half. I’ve already given a brief overview but here I discuss our project – Open Research Reports and disease – in detail.

David Shotton and Tanya gray introduced Minimal Information for Infectious Disease Investigations (MIIDI). [Lively debate about whether the Minimal Info idea was useful in bioscience]. Graham Steel and Gilles Frydman brought the patient axis = ACOR (Assoc Cancer Online Resources) and PatientsLikeMe. What is absolutely clear is that:

  • Patients want to be and must be equals in the use of information
  • Patients have a huge interest , huge energy and increasingly community experience and knowledge
  • They are seriously disadvantaged by lack of access to full-text articles (academics do not realise this)
  • Bibliography is critically useful

So we are developing Bibsoup to take in selected Pubmed IDs (UKPMC) and ingest them into a Bibserver to provide a BibSoup instance. Mark MacGillivray has developed a facetted browsing technology, based on BibJSON, which is both formal and fluid. It’s easy for people to annotate and should be straightforward to extend.

Along with other presentations I have captured ours (3.20 mins) and annotated some of the footage. Currently in my Public dropbox (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6280676/hackathon.mp4 )

We are excited with how effective the hackathon was in bringing several people together into the BibSoup cluster and how the various ideas came together. We are hoping to create a future event where patients are participants. Spent a day on Friday with Gilles Frydman discussing what would be involved.

Again thanks to Gilles, Graham, Jenny, Mark, Andrea, Mahendra, Naomi and everyone else.

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