“Open Access” and Non-Commercial Licences – summary

This is the last post I shall make – on this blog – on this subject.

Recent discussion has highlighted that this issue is much larger and much more critical than I thought even a few days ago. It is critical that we assemble clear dispassionate arguments to show overwhelming that CC-NC is totally incompatible with “Open Access” publishing and to persuade funders and publishers to move as rapidly as possible to a fully Open (Open Definition) licence. I am therefore taking this to the discussion group(s) of the Open Knowledge Foundation (http://lists.okfn.org/mailman/listinfo/okfn-discuss ) where it will have a wider audience and more informed comment.

Ross Mounce has put together a number of comments, the first of which states

i.e. this mess has caused irreparable damage to the re-usability of the literature.”

I completely agree with this – and every month that it remains makes the future of Open Scholarly publishing worse. You can read all the comments but here are some which discuss the issue:

/pmr/2011/12/06/acceptance-of-cc-nc-has-sold-readers-and-authors-seriously-short/#comment-101293 (Richard Kidd, Royal Society of Chemistry)

/pmr/2011/12/06/acceptance-of-cc-nc-has-sold-readers-and-authors-seriously-short/#comment-101279 (Daniel Mietchen)

/pmr/2011/11/29/scientists-should-never-use-cc-nc-this-explains-why/#comment-101229 (Mike Linksvayer)

/pmr/2011/12/05/%E2%80%9Copen-access%E2%80%9D-and-%E2%80%9Cnon-commercial%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%93-yet-again-can-any-publisher-justify-fees-for-hybrid-articles/#comment-101292 (Ross Mounce)

/pmr/2011/12/05/%E2%80%9Copen-access%E2%80%9D-and-%E2%80%9Cnon-commercial%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%93-yet-again-can-any-publisher-justify-fees-for-hybrid-articles/#comment-101291 (Ross Mounce)

/pmr/2011/12/05/%E2%80%9Copen-access%E2%80%9D-and-%E2%80%9Cnon-commercial%E2%80%9D-%E2%80%93-yet-again-can-any-publisher-justify-fees-for-hybrid-articles/#comment-101291 (Ross Mounce)

Anecdotal surveys in the comments by Daniel, Ross and PMR show that a very high proportion of well-known publishers are using CC-NC.





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