Garden Marathon at Serpentine

We’ve finished our session on Walled Gardens at the Serpentine Gallery Marathon – great fun (and a lovely day)



Here’s the human team: L-R PM-R, David Rowan (who brought this together), Emer Coleman

David gave a powerful presentation of how walled gardens had the seeds of their own destruction – Facebook would disappear like AOL and MySpace. “If something is free, then you probably are the product”

Emer showed how opening government data allowed innovative apps to be made by independent developers. There were apps for Boris Bikes (London’s very own Boris’s answer to Amsterdam) . How if you had the map of London Transport and train times you could have real-time knowledge of exactly what train you would catch.

Here’s the “goodies” on the animal team… Bertie has been blinded by the evil HADOPI.

Gulliver Turtle (from BMC) being shown to the audience as an example of how you could be Open Access and profitable.


And my final thoughts for where hope and help comes from. Apologies if you aren’t on it.

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2 Responses to Garden Marathon at Serpentine

  1. Graham Steel says:

    What was the feedback from the audience?

    • pm286 says:

      Their was no time for questions. They laughed at the odd jooke. I think they took the message on board. One or two people I talked to individually were horrified at the current position. If we could only reach beyond academia …

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