Open Theses at EURODOC: 2011-04-01; Sleepless in Seattle

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As part of our JISCOpenBIB project we are running a workshop on Open Theses at EURODOC 2011. “We” is an extended community of volunteers centered round the main JISC project. In that project we have developed an approach to the representation of Open Bibliographic metadata, and now we are extending this to theses.

Why theses?

Because, surprisingly, many theses are not easily discoverable outside their universities. So we are running the workshop to see how much metadata we can collect on European theses. Things like name, university, subject, datae, title – standard metadata.

For the workshop we’ll have an Etherpad… If you haven’t used an Etherpad just go to the address. You can add your material into the pad. Let us know if you are interested in being involved.

There will be a datasheet for collecting data:

We’ll also be collecting survey data survey location (coming online very soon)

This workshop is not limited to participants. I shall be in Seattle US. Sleepless (it’ll be 0300 in the morning there). So all of us can and should participate. I’ll try to add MY thesis data (1967, but I think that counts as European?)

So I’ll blog more info as we create it. But 1300 WEST = 1200UTC is the time we start – make a note to be involved.



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