Panton Discussions online


The Panton discussions are now online. Many people are to be thanked for this – and it’s taken a lot of effort (as always I blunder into things that I don’t understand – recording, streaming, etc.).

They are available at the Cambridge Streaming Media site:

and also at DSpace:

where they will still be bright and fresh in 100 years.

We’ve already had a significant number of downloads.

I think this is a useful format and I particularly appreciated the reverse (where Richard Grant interviewed my for F1000).

Ideas welcome – I think one over two months is about the right frequency.

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5 Responses to Panton Discussions online

  1. Claudia Koltzenburg says:

    that’s really good news, thanks

  2. Marius Kempe says:

    Will the transcriptions be released eventually?

    • pm286 says:

      Yes. I will check with Brian Brooks and others today. But we are only doing the first one – it was a lot of effort even with volunteers. If we can get a citizen-transcribing group that would be great.

  3. rpg says:

    Hi Peter
    You remind me that I’ve edited some of the video I shot last year. The first part is here:
    — I’m trying to get the rest sorted out.

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