Update and real excitement

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The last week has been hectic and really exiciting. I get the feeling that the last 10-20 years of my life are starting to bear fruit. In particular I now believe the World Wide Molecular Matrix will happen as a zero-cash activity. But here are some of last week’s advances:

  • Visit to IUCr Chester with agreement on #jiscopenbib and #jiscxyz. Expect announcement RSN
  • Liberation into OKD-compliant form of major library catalogues. We MUST fight to make all bibliography Open. It’s so blindingly obvious that this should be so, that I cannot understand why we are in almost complete paralysis in some areas. Bibliography should be Open. Oh, and I am exploring a critically important collection of bibliographic scientific records today. And I hope to liberate some major scientific bibliography. Wake up! We MUST have Open Bibliography. Scientific information is crippled without it. Also managed to speak with Jim Pitman (Berkeley) who is also liberating bibliography in the BKN (Bibliographic Knowledge Network)
  • Egon Willighagen has joined us to work on OSCAR-ChEBI funded by EPSRC/OMII. We’ll be visiting EBI to see how it can be deployed
  • I have now written a generic parser technology for compchem input/output/punch files. This should be rapidly deployable in the Quixote project. Scope for parallel development. We are still on track for the deployment of a prototype on October 21.
  • Have to present out work on the Green Chain Reaction to the EPSRC grand challenge Dial-a-Molecule on 20101020. This is the vision that we can extract reactions from the literature to help develop better synthetic procedures.

More later.

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2 Responses to Update and real excitement

  1. Peter, it’s great to be in your group again!

  2. Jenny Woods says:

    Hi Peter, you’re going to be at the launch meeting in Birmingham on 20th? I’ve just started as the Coordinator for the EPSRC Directed Assembly network launching there at the same time (www.daestp.org.uk). Really looking forward to meeting you.

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