#OSS2010 Recording of my Open Science Summit Flowerpoint at Berkeley

Bryan Bishop has just released the videos from the Berkeley Open Science Summit which should go down as one of the seminal Open events of 2010.


I am extremely grateful for being recorded


There are a few places where I walked away from the microphone (I don’t really like static mikes, and I don’t think we had a pointer). I think the audience could hear but not the recorder.

Due to some wonderful (anonymous) volunteer there was a transcript which I have edited at:


My practical message was that we could reclaim our scholarship. That’s true, though I now prefer the phrase “Open Scholarship”. An Open Bibliography is practicable. It’s even more practicable than I thought in July. A number of technologies and people have come together and we have already prototyped parts of it. I’ll post on this later.

But, again, I have paid my homage to Berkeley. These images and sounds refresh and reinvigorate.

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