PantonDiscussion#1: Richard Poynder

Dictated into Arcturus

We’ve just had the first of our Panton Discussions with Richard Poynder as the visiting guest. This went extremely well and as you can see from the photographs was held in the small room in the Panton Arms. We had this all to ourselves and a session lasted for about 2 hours.

It turned out that the session was mainly driven by Richard asking a number of questions to which Jordan Hatcher and I replied as appropriate, although there were times at which free discussion took place. This has been very useful for us because it is allowed us to lay out several of the primary ideas underlying the Panton Principles and because Jordan and I were able to balance each other from different viewpoints. It means that the session will serve as a good reference point.

Brian Brooks recorded the whole session on audio (ca 80 mins) and some of it on video. We hope that there will be snippets of video which will stand alone and can be posted on YouTube. The audio should be available more or less as is after minor edits, but we’d also like a written transcript. We’d like suggestions here as to the best way of doing this. Brian is going to try and read this into Dragon, and there we will need to correct the mistranscribed words.

Alternatively we may need to type it up from the audio in which case any volunteers would be extremely valuable!

UPDATE: we’ve had two volunteers for transcription and we’d welcome more as that will help both of them and us


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  1. Graham Steel says:

    I’d be happy to help out with typing up from the audio if required.

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