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Typed and Scraped into Arcturus

When I started to blog and mail about Climate Change/Research I knew I was blundering into areas that I knew little about and that I would discover a great deal of previous and current activity. I ahve a wonderful response from Lance McKee of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) [on the OKF open-science mailing list]

I call your attention to one activity of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC): the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot 3 (AIP-3) data sharing activity: .

There are many in the OGC ( who share your concerns about climate data. OGC runs a consensus process in which government and private sector organizations collaborate to develop open interfaces and encodings that enable, among other things, sharing of geospatial data, including climate data. I think the OGC is likely to play an important role in the opening up of climate science.

I invite you to look through a presentation in which I gathered my learnings and musings about the importance, feasibility and inevitability of persistent and open publishing of scientific geospatial data: http .


The presentation is well worth reading, including 17 (sic) reasons why data should be open.

It is very valuable to see that the OGC has done so much. I will read what emerges over the next days. It may be that the OKF has a role – it may be that it should be primarily supportive of others.

I have an open mind.

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