CKAN 1.0: A major contribution to Open Knowledge

Scraped with appreciation from OKF blog into Arcturus

I am delighted to record the first 1.0 release of CKAN, the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive from the Open Knowledge Foundation. This is, of course, a communal work but much of the credit goes to the indefatigable Rufus Pollock who conceived it, built it despite doubters such as me, and persuaded people (in the unique Pollock manner – i.e. you can’t refuse) to contribute.


CKAN is based on Open Knowledge – i.e. you can use anything in the catalog without worrying about lawyers and infringing rights. We’re delighted that of the 900-odd entries, nearly 30 are from chemistry and this represents a major input from the Blue Obelisk and elsewhere. Our own Nick day’s Crystaleye is in there.



CKAN v1.0 Released

May 18th, 2010

We are pleased to announce the availability of version 1.0 of the CKAN software, our open source registry system for datasets (and other resources). After 3 years of development, twelve point releases and a several successful production deployments around the world CKAN has come of age!

As well as being used to power and CKAN is now helping run 7 data catalogues around the world including ones in Canada ( /, Germany ( and Norway ( has also continued to grow steadily and now has over 940 registered packages:

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