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Late-breaking insights into DRM@BL

Henry Rzepa [Professor of Chemistry, Imperial College, and co-author of Chemical Markup Language] says:

May 14, 2010 at 12:54 pm  (Edit)

I would like the BL to clarify these points

1. DRM in the Broadcast sense that we are all familiar with (BBC iPlayer) imparts finite lifetimes to the “creative materials” (7-14 days). Science has and should not have any lifetime. Why then is the digital lifetime of the BL’s SED document 14 days?

2. The “E” of SED (secure electronic delivery) implies a digital document. Digital information is important for one reason. It can be repurposed/re-used in a context not necessarily the same as the original one. Much of our understanding of science derives from this concept. So why is the BL delivering documents where this very essence has to be immediately destroyed by by the recipient?

Under the DOI [PMR: assumed to be FOI], I would like to see if the BL has any document which both recognizes the importance of preserving digital information, and the need to do so with STM information specifically (as opposed to content generated by the “creative industries).

[PMR –

1. there appears to be no time limit in the Act and Statutory Instrument mentioned by Andrew Walker in

2. This is the essence of my FOI request and I hope I make it clear

2a. I shall be asking for all public documents relating to this.


And from a newcomer (deepthroat2) via deepthroat0. Deepthroat2 is in an organization doing Web 2.0 stuff in science and potentially on BL ILLs.

[deepthroat2] But that’s absolutely fascinating!! I’m almost speechless how something like this can seriously be introduced… “

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