Test of publishing Chem4Word to blog

I have left my microphone so this is being typed.

Egon Willighagen asked whether it was possible to post documents created with Chem4Word to a blog. Having mastered the process of posting to a blog without chemistry (thanks Sam) I’m now trying chemistry

This is (benzene)

And this is coronene

Let’s see if I can post this. The result will not be semantic, but Chem4Word allows for this as the chemistry is displayed as static images (PNG). So they won’t do anything but they are a good representation of the chemistry.




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  1. How did you migrate the data from Chem4Word to WordPress? Getting it to pass along the semantic data is of course the goal, but I can understand if Word is not capable of that yet. Alternatively, you could use a XSLT stylesheet to create WordPress source… any plans in that direction? I’d love to play with that, but, as you know, do not have the required tools to run Chem4Word myself…
    Please do feel free to email me the matching Chem4Word file for the above post, so that I can start with that to hack on some XSLT fun! 🙂

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