Chem4Word is out as OpenSource


This is the day I have been waiting for!   Chem4word has been released as open source (  .  It has been a tremendous effort by the team.

The current “Dr. Who” of Chem4word is Joe Townsend.  Joe has worked tirelessly for two years to develop the chemical code . There are many other contributors and I’ll blog them later but just to highlight Alex Wade (Microsoft Research) who has been awarded a Blue Obelisk ( for his enormous contribution to OpenData , Open Source and Open Standards.

Microsoft? Open Source?


I’ll explain later, but the world is changing. Chem4Word is Open. Apache. Anyone can download it and do what they like. The only real constraint is that if you republish modified code you have to acknowledge the original authors.

Open Source is a reality in chemistry. Jmol, CDK, OpenBabel and many more. OSCAR, OPSIN from our own group.

Open Source is about community, innovations and quality. Those concepts are changing our world.


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