Geek Puntcon Cambridge June 26 2009

Every year Bill no further metadata required runs a puntcon for geeks. Geeks covers a wide range of affiliations and ideals. There will certainly be a good representation from those who want to Open up the way we do things.

I shall, of course, claim this against expenses as it’s clearly part of my work. We’ll probably pass some ducks.


Cambridge, Sunday June 28, 2009

After the undoubted success of our earlier ventures, were going to head off up river again on Sunday June 28.

The Invite

You are invited to PuntCon V, or the seventh great geek punt picnic, to take place on or about the River Cam on the afternoon of Sunday July 13th 2008. We will be heading upriver rather than along the backs more picnic places, fewer tourists.

As before, turn up outside the Mill public house on Mill Lane between 1200 and 1230. We will head off  between 1230 and 1300 if you are late you can walk up river and catch us as we dont punt very fast!

Bring something to drink and something to eat.

I will provide bread, plates, cutlery, glasses and more food/drink

We will take as many punts as we need [one for every six people] and head up river to a convenient picnic place [eg Grantchester Meadows] where we will eat/drink/carouse.

We normally get back around 1800. Those heading back to the station can be dropped at a bridge within walking distance.

Post punting we have the option of retiring to the pub and letting Sunday evening happen around us.

How Much

There is no registration fee or indeed any other cost. Bring food and drink and entertainment. Punt cost will be split between all comers works out around a tenner per person. Infants are not expected to contribute.

Why PuntCon?

Conferences are fun, but dont have ducklings. Or champagne. So the legendary Geek Punt Picnic has morphed into PuntCon, the Cambridge leg of the alternative conference circuit.

In keeping with tradition there will be no talks, no presentations, no agenda and nothing to disturb the quiet delights of the river on a Sunday afternoon. But apart from that, its a conference and therefore probably tax-deductible.

What happened in previous years?

This Flickr photoset should give you all the information needed.


Let me know if youre up for it, but come along even if you didnt. Bring friends as the event is scalable let me know approx numbers if you can be bothered. Email me at for more.  If you use Facebook then there is also an event page.

The Invitees

Please feel free to invite other people its a big river and there are lots of punts. It would be nice (but is by no means essential) if I had a rough idea of numbers in advance so I know how much bread to get, but theres a Sainsburys five minutes walk away anyway

How to Get There

The event takes place at Scudamores Boatyard, at the corner of Mill Lane and Granta Place, Cambridge.

Details on the Scudamores website.

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  1. baoilleach says:

    June 28th or July 13th ?

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