More on Avogadro

More on Avogadro and the Blue Obelisk.

First, many apologies to Marcus Hanwell who is the real Doctor Who of Avogadro (but who has been temporarily transported through time and space due to his first child). It’s always great to see new people joining.

Then to acknowledge the great synergy shown by Jan Jensen from Copenhagen who has adopted and promoted Avogadro and got some stunning movies. These are both fun to watch and also show the very nice interface. Here are some posts, enjoy

Nicking transition states from Nick Greeves

Vote early, vote often

A useful equation

The force is strong in this one

Just one of those links

It takes a village to solve a Jmol puzzle

Symmetry Prozac

An Atkins diet of Molecular Workbench

Some Jmol basics

Do I have to draw you a phase diagram?

Cool new build option in Avogadro 0.9.5

Building a Transition State


Tools of the trade

Getting started

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  1. Jan Jensen says:

    Thank you for the kind words. Appreciate it!

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