Revitalisation of the CML Blog

I am now revitalising the CML Blog (see This blog was developed to describe CML but ran into problems with the formatting under WordPress and the particualr settings and tools we had installed. The problems are, I hope, solved.

I will therefore be splitting my posts between chemistry (and especially CML) on the CML Blog and everything else (particular the fight for Openness) on this blog (

I hope these leads to a better approach for readers. The difference between European politics and the number of electrons in ferrocene is considerable and may have deterred some readers. I don’t know.

The CML blog will address questions of the design of CML, the user community, and may also act as a way to create material for static web pages. I encourage you to suggest questions as this gives me the excuse and impetus to write on specific topics. In general please use the comment fields although I shall still take queries in email.

For those who wish to follow the CML Blog add into your feed reader. For a week or two I’ll probably reference posts from this blog.

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