ICE test 4

I am testing ICE+OO’s ability to author XML in a reasonably pretty fashion. Neglect this post unless you are interested in ICE-manship (which I hope many of you are).

This is some text and this is some XML

<module name="metadata" capture="os wday mon day hr min sec year host">
     Date and time (@ss)  : @s3 @s3 @s3 @i2:@i2:@i2 @14
     Host name              : @s                                 

Here is some more XML

<!-- -->
  <owl:DatatypeProperty rdf:about="#hasConcise_att"/>
  <!-- -->
  <owl:DatatypeProperty rdf:about="#hasConvention_att"/>
  <!-- -->
  <owl:DatatypeProperty rdf:about="#hasDictref_att"/>
  <!-- -->
  <owl:DatatypeProperty rdf:about="#hasFormalcharge_att"/>
  <!-- -->

and some more

 <owl:Class rdf:about="">
    <rdfs:subClassOf rdf:resource=""/>
        <owl:onProperty rdf:resource="#hasValue"/>
        <owl:someValuesFrom rdf:resource=""/>
    <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en">def: directives for geometry output</rdfs:comment>
    <rdfs:comment xml:lang="en">desc: needs a description</rdfs:comment>

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