Openness in the shadow of Wallace

I was one of the first staff at the University of Stirling (Scotland) in 1967 so I’m delighted to see that Stirling continues to forge ahead in Openness:

STORRE, the IR at the University of Stirling, recently passed the 1,000 item milestone. The repository’s managers attribute the growth to the university’s institutional mandate:

STORRE is a full text only repository that has been up and running at the University of Stirling since 2005. We focussed initially on eTheses, with the submission of eTheses to STORRE becoming mandatory in September 2006. …

In April 2008 the University’s ePrint Mandate was announced – this requires all Journal Articles submitted for publication since January 2007 to be deposited in STORRE immediately on acceptance for publication. …

Since the ePrint Mandate came into force in September 2008, the rate of submissions of items to STORRE has risen dramatically from less than 20 items per month (sometimes much less!) to around 120 items per month. …

Scotland has a burning national pride (you didn’t need me to tell you that) and one of the results is to act in a united manner. I remember two (three?) years ago at the Open Scholarship meeting in Glasgow the strong feeling that they were united on Openness and were ahead of England in this. I think they still are.

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