The European Internet will be free

I am delighted to have a reply from my MEP, Andrew Duff. This was after I used the WriteToThem site from mySociety.

This is a victory for Web Democracy well done everyone. I shall certainly be voting on June 4th you will recognize me from my twitter icon (@petermurrayrust.

He points out unknown to me that the UK is pursuing retrograde policies. Experts in politics will know what member states can do despite what the European Parliament does and vice versa. I will write to my UK MP, copying Andrew Duff’s answer.

From Andrew Duff:

Dear Mr Murray-Rust

My apologies if we failed earlier to respond to you on this issue. We
received a lot of correspondence, and I thought all had been answered, but
it looks like yours got missed.

I share your concern to resist the imposition of restrictions on internet
use.  The  current package contains four reports on the reform of the
regulatory framework for electronic communications- including mobile and
fixed telephones, broadcasting and the internet. This includes a report
concerning internet use which has proved controversial and to which you have
raised concern.

I am pleased to inform you that the committee voted to ensure that no
restrictions were imposed on the fundamental rights and freedoms of internet
users, without a prior ruling by the judicial authorities.

More broadly the package will also enhance competition and ensure that all
market players have sufficient incentives to invest in infrastructure and
services for consumers.

This report will now go forward to the Council of Ministers for their
decision. While the European Parliament has voted to protect the rights of
internet users, there is a risk that the amendments will get voted down by
the Council.

France has been championing the three-strikes legislations and is likely to
block these developments.  I am aware that the UK along with France is
pushing strongly to change the wording agreed by the Parliament.  This
action will delay the progress of the report and put at risk the many
important aspects in this package which will increase competition and boost
jobs.  I therefore urge you to raise your concerns with the UK Government
and ask them to support the article which ensures that an internet cut-off
can only be imposed after approval from a competent legal authority.

The internet plays an important role within society, both socially and
economically.  It provides a space for communication, to access information,
for technological development and for economic activity.

I hope that this provides you with clarification.  Thank you once again for
writing to me.

Andrew Duff

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3 Responses to The European Internet will be free

  1. Glyn Moody says:

    Well, half-victory: the net neutrality provisions were *not* adopted:
    which is very bad news. Even “three strikes” may come back if Sarkozy has his way.

  2. Glyn Moody says:

    Agreed – because if people like you and me don’t, no one will…

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