Blogging using ICE

I am learning (thanks to Cynthia and Peter) how to use ICE as an authoring tool for blogging and hopefully the format, if not the content, of my blogs will improve.

Peter says enter a blockquote

This is a new paragraph. The main message is that I am authoring this offline. I first have to save this.

This was a quick post to show how the ICE system at USQ can be used to create blogs. The advantage is that it uses OpenOffice as an authoring tool so the worst excesses of WordPress are removed. The final document is then published into the drafts folder of the blog, where I must log in and republish it.

We are no looking at doing this automatically by using the server at USQ, so the next post may show this.

Currently I have settled on publising directly from OO, using the USQ plugin/toolbar. This has a few minor glitches (you need to retype URLs etc for each post) but they will be fixed. When that is done I shall move to it wholeheartedly. It still goes through wordpress so that the posts are there and can be manged and tweaked, but the bulk of the editing is done offline in a much more congenial environment.

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