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Talis have been one of the great supporters of Open Data and also have an impressive triple store. They’ve helped us – especially Andrew Walkingshaw – to load largish sets of triples into a queriable base. They’ve also done fantastic work by supportinf the Open Knowledge Foundation and Science Commons to develop appropriate licences and protocols. So I am delighted to announce their very useful offer to host PDDL (Public Domain Dedication Licence)-compliant data. We’ll certainly be taking this up.

Hi Peter,

You may have seen this already, but I wanted to draw your attention to a new initiative from Talis that offers free hosting (and services) over public domain data.
There’s an announcement here:


The offer includes storage of up to 50 million RDF triples, complete with SPARQL endpoint. However the data must be licensed under the Open Data Commons PDDL,
or CC0 license to qualify. As both of these licenses are in line with the Science Commons protocol, I’m hoping that it will be of interest to the open science
community, and particularly the work you’re been doing in chemistry. Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this.



Leigh Dodds
Programme Manager, Talis Platform

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