Blue Obelisk in Salt Lake City

I’m very sad I can’t get to the ACS and the Blue Obelisk Meeting – see the Wiki: I wish everyone well.

Our Blue Obelisk meeting in Salt Lake City is taking shape.
It’s set up at Martine for 10 people, Wed 25 March, 7pm
The Martine is a tapas place is located one block south of Temple Square on 100 South between Main and State Streets, 2 blocks east of the convention center
Thanks to Rajarshi for setting this up.
This place is *very* limited in space, at it seems, so we cannot do it like in Boston, where many more people showed up than expected. So if you like to join (which would be great!), please let us know by emailing to
So far we’ve got confirmations from

  1. Martin Walker
  2. Henry Rzepa
  3. Warren DeLano
  4. Rajarshi Guha
  5. Christoph Steinbeck
  6. Robert E. Belford
  7. Kyle Yancey
  8. Jon Holmes

I’m looking forward to meeting you in SLC.
Cheers, Christoph Steinbeck

The Blue Obelisk has no charter, nor anything else specific other than a shared purpose of Open Data, Open Source Open Standards in chemistry.

The Internet has brought together a group of chemists/programmers/informaticians who are driven by wanting to do things better, but are frustrated with the Closed systems that chemists currently have to work with. They share a belief in the concepts of Open Data, Open Standards and Open Source (ODOSOS) (but not necessarily Open Access). And they express this in code, data, algorithms, specifications, tutorials, demonstrations, articles and anything that helps get the message across.

All contributions – however small – are appreciated by the community – it’s a true meritocracy. The seminal peer-reviewed article in J.Chem.Inf. now has a Google Scholar citation count of 44 last time I looked. So, if you believe in citation counts the BO is making an impact. (Or at least its members keep citing it!)

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  1. Web-of-Science count is at 53.

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