Recent developments

I have been offline for some time because a lot has been going on. As I mentioned earlier we have had 5 students over this summer and they have been phenomenal. Not that previous students – such as Joe Townsend – have’t also been.  But in the last 2 months we have achieved a huge amount of software and systems development and I’ll tell you about this later.
However it has kept me 100% occupied on software and I haven’t had a chance to think about blogging or anything much else.
There are several things that I shall write about (see

  • The Chem4Word project where Microsoft and we are developing a chemical authoring system within the Office (and related) XML environments.
  • The Crystal editor that we have  been working on with sponsorship from the Int. Union of Crystallography and which Nick Day announced ar the Osaka IUCr meeting
  • A departmental data repository for crystallography
  • An ontology for chemical reactions (sponsorship from Royal Soc. Chemistry)

And there are upcoming meetings:

  • This week I am talking at the Ticer meeting on digital liraries in Tilburg
  • On Friday there is the Nature blogging meeting in London

So I have a full set of topics to cover. As I am in the process of changing machines and getting software ready for presentation I’ll leave the details for a day or two.

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  1. Carlos Cobas says:

    Chem4Word looks like a very interesting project. I wonder whether it will support only chemical structures or also spectroscopy data (NMR, MS, etc).
    It will also be very interesting to know if Chem4Word will have any impact in your SPECTRa system (BTW, I have blogged about SPECTRa here:

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