Talis Xiphos Research Day

I’ve just been to Birmingham / Solihull to the Talis Xiphos Research Day. Talis are a Library company transmogrifying into a Semantic Web company and have a great vision of the potential future. Xiphos is a potential product – somewhere between Facebook and Zotero (social networking for research scientists who care about their citations).  They spent 4 weeks writing it of which 3 weeks were arguing. This is excellent practice. It is much more common to have 0 weeks arguing, 3 weeks coding, 1 week having a blazing row, 3 more weeks coding, etc.
Paul has/will/will have/might blog the meeting but I can’t yet find anything. Andy Powell has twittered it (and it may have more links). Andy and Paul are keen twitterers. So are several of my colleagues. They are all waiting for the i-something which will be the next quantum leap for mobile twitterers.
Anyway I’ll wait to see what Paul has said before I make my comments. But Talis have helped us a lot with their “Talis Platform” and I’ll say more later.

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  1. Paul is looking at bringing relevant links together on the Xiphos page http://www.talis.com/xiphos/, but in the meantime:
    Andy live blogged it at http://efoundations.typepad.com/efoundations/2008/06/talis-xiphos-re.html
    I blogged it at http://www.meanboyfriend.com/overdue_ideas/xiphos/index.html
    and all Tweets tagged xiphos are at http://twitag.com/tag/xiphos (‘tho’ both Andy and I guilty of not doing this consistently)

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