Open Knowledge Foundation Open visualisation Workshop

Open Visualization Workshop this Saturday in London (UK). Not sure what time, but it will be clarified, I am sure.

Just to confirm that the most popular date for the Open Visualisation
Workshop voted on at our Doodle page [1] is this coming Saturday 24th
May. The event will be an informal, hands-on workshop focusing on open
source visualisation technologies. More details are at:
Trampoline Systems have kindly offered to host the first workshop:
Trampoline Systems
8-15 Dereham Place
United Kingdom

Open Visualisation Workshop

Visual representation is a time-tested way of making large, complex bodies of information manageable – whether in the form of maps, timelines, graphs, or charts. Emerging digital technologies have revolutionised what is possible in this domain.

This is an informal, hands-on workshop for those who work with, or are interested in, open-source visualisation technologies, whether based on the web or on the desktop, whether for data or other kinds of knowledge.


If you are interested in participating, please:

  1. add your name to the list below;
  2. specify which dates in May you are free on the event’s doodle page;

  3. join the ok-london-announce and the open-visualisation list for further details.

List of participants


Feel free to add to the following list of things you would like to see on the day:

  • Examples and use cases of visualisation in different fields
  • Demos, walkthroughs, testing and comparing of different open-source visualisation software packages (see list on Open Visualisation page)

  • Client-side visualisation (SVG?)


Please post here if you publicise the event to avoid doubling up!

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