Molbank adopts CC-BY licence

I am delighted to report than Molbank is moving towards a CC-BY licence for its content… In a comment on Antony Williams’ blog (Acting as a Community Member to Help Open Access Authors and Publishers)

  1. Dietrich Rordorf says:
    April 27th, 2008 at 11:41 am We are aware that our current MDPI copyright statement is not in line with the BBB definitions on open access. We are currently smoothly moving to a CC By Attribution License v3.0. Marine Drugs ( has already been published under that license since January 2008. IJMS ( and other MDPI journals will start publishing under this license in the May respectively June 2008 issues. All previous content published by MDPI will be released under the CC By license within a couple of months on our new publication platform (now under testing). So this discussion about MDPI and open access will soon be part of history.

PMR: This is great news. (I had missed the news for Marine Drugs). Much kudos to Molbank. (IIRC it was actually founded with help from a grant from the Soros foundation).
This means that we can have exciting new derivative works from the content – as Chemspider is showing. Since OSCAR is able to extract some of the content (e.g. peakLists) it will be useful to see what precision/recal we get.

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